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Eaton SPD Max Series side-mount Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)
help maximize safety, flexibility and protection against the dangers of power transients. Enhance personnel safety with innovative barriers that reduce arc-flash hazards and get the right protection for your environment with devices … Continue reading

Sag Ride Through Protection

Eaton Electrical’s SRT is the first power conditioner to incorporate new technology that corrects voltage sags and maintains uptime and productivity. It corrects deeps sags down to 63% of nominal for single-phase sags (37% retained voltage), the most common type. … Continue reading

3 Phase Voltage Regulation

3 Phase Voltage Reguation is a challange for many remotley located or overloaded facilities. Eaton Electrical has developed solutions to address both long duration and short duration (Sag) under voltage power disturbances. EVR Series Voltage Regulator: Eaton’s Electronic Voltage Regulator … Continue reading

Quick-Connect Switchboard

The Eaton Generator Quick Connect Switchboard is an engineered assembly designed to allow safe and fast connection of a mobile generator to your facility’s electrical system or a portable load bank. Through inclusion of cam-type receptacles, standard mechanical lugs, dedicated … Continue reading