Eaton AEGIS Series Type Power Line Filters

Eaton’s series type AEGIS power filters are carry the proud reputation as being one the very best load specific power filters in the world.

Little else comes close to the -80dB of noise attenuation offered by these filter systems.

Aegis Power Filters LC based power filter devices are designed for the protection of individual electronic based loads.

Industrial applications like PLC’s, secruity controls, water treatment controls, security system and critical process applications have a need for clean reliable power. Eaton’s AEGIS powerline filters provide this protection in unsurpassed fashon.

The Aegis LC filter network attenuates local surges and filters out line noise that may be typical of relays, drives or other local electrical devices. The filter is ultra reliable and is also well siuted to process intensive industries such as food processing industry; Oil and Gas, and water treatment facilities.

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