Sag Ride Through Protection

Eaton Electrical’s SRT is the first power conditioner to incorporate new technology that corrects voltage sags and maintains uptime and productivity. It corrects deeps sags down to 63% of nominal for single-phase sags (37% retained voltage), the most common type. The SRT responds within 1/8 of a cycle, corrects phase shifts and provides continuous voltage regulation.

The SRT is designed for low and medium voltage systems (208V to 15,000V) and is available in ratings from 25 KVA to 5 MVA. In addition, it requires no in-depth engineering study to select the appropriate model and requires no maintenance. Normally, a critical load profile and metering data review for site min/max load sag susceptibility is all that is required to select an SRT model.

The SRT power conditioner is a series connected, voltage compensation device. The unit operates in an online mode and continuously monitors input voltage. When a sag disturbance is detected, the unit reacts in 2 milliseconds (sub-cycle) and electronically synthesizes the voltage required to correct the sag. The series connected transformer produces a clean stabilized output.

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