BEMAG / Pioneer Transformers

BEMAG / Pioneer Transformers are a division of Jefferson Electric, one of North Americas largest producers of Dry-type distribution and power transformers. BEMAG produces a full line of dry -type solutions including transformers for: distribution, Harmonic Mitigation, ventilated, non-ventilated, Class 1 Div 2 and encapsulated designs. Powerco handles the full line of BEMAG/Pioneer solutions for industrial and commercial applicaitons. Contact us for any of your magetics needs.


BENDER - The Leader in Ground Fault Monitoring and Protection Equipment. Bender’s mission has been to make electrical power safe. Their wide portfolio of cutting-edge electrical safety and monitoring products are used in virtually every industry — healthcare, solar, oil and gas, electric vehicle, mining and many more


Bonitron is a highly innovative manufacturer of VFD related support devices inclidng Dynamic Braking systems, Common Bus solutions, Sag-Ride-Through Devices for drives and

Eaton Electric

Eaton Electric manufacturers an extensive line of Power Quality products and solutions. Products include integrated, retro-fit and point of use Surge Suppression, Power Filtering, Power Conditioning, Harmonic Filters, Power Factor Correction and Automatic Transfer Switches. Visit Eaton Electric Website

EXM Manufacturing

EXM Manufacturing is a leading full-line Canadian enclosure manufacturer with the unique ability manufacture to deliver standard and custom enclosures on time and with accuracy. The EXM product line ranges from standard commercial enclosures to modular systems and custom enclosures. EXM is also the home of BOXCAD a unique on-line tool that allows users and integrators customize and modify enclosure designs on thier own and receive complete drawing packages as well as costs in only a couple of hours. Check out our EXM solutions for your next project.

FRE Composites

FRE Composites Manufacturers a Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy Conduit and ducting material that is ideal for high corrosion and high voltage applications. FRE offers conduit and ducting products specifically for Above Ground; Under Ground, Under Water, Telecommunications; Utility; High Voltage; Fire Safe applications and for lighting poles. View FRE Composites Website

Hubbell Power Systems

Hubbell Power Systems is North Americas premier manufacturer of equipment for medium and high voltage applications. Whether your application is in industrial, commercial, renewables, T&D, communications, Substations or electrical Generation Hubbell Power Systems as the solution.

Lamarche Manufacturing

La Marche products include battery chargers, rectifiers, battery eliminators, power boards, power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC breaker panels, DC distribution panels, DC to AC inverters and DC system components and accessories, engine starting chargers, mining chargers, utility chargers, motive power chargers, marine chargers, aviation ground support chargers and railroad chargers. View La Marche Website

Load Banks Direct (LBD)

Load Banks Direct (LBD) is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks used in the testing and commissioning of standby emergency power systems including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, turbines, battery systems and regenerative power absorption of large motors, and other load applications.

MTE Corp

MTE Corporation, an SL Industries Company, provides simple, robust power quality solutions. Power quality management requirements differ significantly by utility, industry, application and country. MTE offers many power quality and filter products for both input (line-side) and output (load-side) of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and power conversion equipment. These components represent strategic elements of power quality. MTE provides complete power quality solutions for automation in oil and gas, water/wastewater, HVAC and other industries.

Power Bus Way

Power Bus Way is a Canadian based manufacturer of Cable bus systems. PBW's cable bus system unparalleled in terms of strength, design flexibility and ease of installation compared to other bus systems. When conveying large power requirements Power Bus Way is the most economic and reliable means of doing so. Cable bus systems are vastly superior to bus bar systems, particularly in outdoor applications. The Power Bus Way system offers fewer numbers of connections, each connection or splice point presents an opportunity for failure at some time in the future. We look forward to working with you for all of your cable bus needs. View Power Bus Way Website

Southwest Electric

Southwest Electric Company’s Specialty Transformer Division specializes in the design and manufacturing of liquid-filled transformers (both standard and custom-designed), from 25 kVA up to 7500 kVA.