Products: UPS, DC Power Plants and Battery Chargers

LaMarche Battery Informer

Real time, Automatic Battery Testing and Reporting The LaMarche Battery Informer series, is an active battery testing system, designed to provide users with status and trending information on their DC battery banks (BI series unit also qualifies for NERC PRC-005.2 … Continue reading

Switch Mode Utility Chargers

130VDC SWITCHMODE UTILITY and SWITCHGEAR RECTIFIER/BATTERY CHARGER SERIES FROM LAMARCHE The A96 Series from LaMarche provides highly reliable, hot swappable 130VDC power with full load sharing capability in a compact, modular rectifier system. The A97 Series provides the same highly … Continue reading

LaMarche A12B

The Industrial Workhorse of DC Power The LaMarche A12B Series Filtered Battery Chargers / Power Supplies are engineered for the demanding requirements of Switch Gear applications,Industrial Process Controls and Communications. The LaMarche A12B is synonymous with quality, performance and outstanding … Continue reading