Powerco represents a select number of supplier partners in an effort to optimize our technical support capabilities on each line.  Please contact for any inquiries you may have on these partner products.

Load Side VFD Filtering – DV/DT

MTE Corp’s dV/dt Seres A Filters are designed to protect AC motors from the destructive effects of long-lead peak voltages. Depending on the turn-on time of the power semiconductors used in the inverter, size of the motor and cable length, … Continue reading

LaMarche Battery Informer

Real time, Automatic Battery Testing and Reporting The LaMarche Battery Informer series, is an active battery testing system, designed to provide users with status and trending information on their DC battery banks (BI series unit also qualifies for NERC PRC-005.2 … Continue reading

FRE Composite Conduit and Ducting

FRE’s Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy conduit system consists of conduit, fittings and adaptors. It is designed to provide utilities and industry with a reliable, easily installed carrier for below ground, above ground and underwater electrical and telecommunication cables. FRE® conduit is … Continue reading