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EXM‘s BOXCAD is a factory on your desk top to customize, modify, approve and order you custom enclosures.

BOXCAD is a s user driven on-line design tool that allows you to select enclosure types, dimensions, ratings (NEMA or IP), cut-outs, accessories and environmental controls, specifically for your project. key features include:

  • Standard, manufacture specific and custom cut-outs
  • Accessories such as windows & handles can be added or modified
  • Personalize and save your library of projects and designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Submitted designs are reviewed for any fitment issues by EXM, then advanced to the approval stage.
  • Complete CAD and pdf approval drawing sets within 3 hours of your submission
  • Guaranteed accuracy – eliminate the headaches of communicating your design changes through distributors and factory contacts, with Boxcar there is no gap in deciding what your needs are and having enclosure solutions quoted or transferred to the factory floor for production.

Contact the Powerco™ team to discuss all of your enclosure needs or to see how you can access this powerful design tool.

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