Quick-Connect Switchboard

The Eaton Generator Quick Connect Switchboard is an engineered assembly designed to allow safe and fast connection of a mobile generator to your facility’s electrical system or a portable load bank.

Through inclusion of cam-type receptacles, standard mechanical lugs, dedicated generator-service disconnect, and a manual key-interlock transfer scheme, you can quickly and safely supply emergency power parts of your electrical power system that are not currently covered by your emergency power system, or you can back-up existing generators.

Benefits of the Generator Quick Connect Switchboard

  • Speed of Connection
  • With a Generator Quick Connect Switchboard installed, the owner does not have to do any of the following that are common in emergency power situations:
  • No making additional field modifications to an internal switchboard in order to connect the generator cables after the initial installation.
  • No modifying the building’s physical structure to accommodate generator cables (e.g., drilling holes in walls).
  • No running cables through doorways or windows and through hallways or up stairs.

Safer and More Reliable

Reduction of the potential for safety problems associated with connecting the mobile generator to the facility’s electrical system under lost-power conditions.

  • A permanent connection point for mobile power, not a temporary connection.
  • Installed under normal circumstances, not during a possibly chaotic lost power situation.
  • Tested as part of the installation, providing assurance when needed.
  • Eliminates the safety hazards of generator cables run through doorways and up stairways. Building doors and/or windows remain closed for security and safety reasons.

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