Power Transformers (Dry Type)

BEMAG/Pioneer produces power transformers with tensions from 600 volts up to 25.000 volts. These are available up to 10 MVA..

The BEMAG/ Pioneer dry type power transformer is appropriate for industrial and commercial high voltage applications (up to 35 KV). Dry type power transformer can be installed near the load center which is impossible for a liquid filled transformer. Therefore, installation costs are greatly reduced. Other advantage of dry type power transformer is that the material used is less flammable. Thereby, risk of fire is lower and this alternative is environmentally safer. Our conception provides an excellent voltage regulation and low losses which results in a longer lifetime and annual savings.

Powerco™ handles the full line of BEMAG / Pioneer solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

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BEMAG MV Transformers

BEMAG Enclosed Power Transformer

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