Rotary UPS

Dynamic UPS or Rotary UPS from E1 dynamics, a division of Euro-Diesel, manufactures high power critical load UPS systems from 200kW to 20,000kW..

The Dynamic UPS is a combination of systems (generator, fllywheel system, switchgear and controls) that creat a critical power support system second to none in reliability and maintainability.

The power of the single modules extends from 100 kVA to 2000 kVA, in small power steps, so that there is certainly the size that matches your secured power needs.

Small, compact systems: NO BREAK KS®4

Our range of small D-UPS systems, the No-Break KS®4, consists of neat, compact, ready to install machines featuring their own integral support, daily tank and acoustic protection. It is an ideal solution for outputs ranging from 100 to 200 kVA.

High output systems: NO BREAK KS®5

For critical loads above 200 kVA, our state-of-the-art, high power No-Break KS®5 range will be the solution. Range from 250 to 2000 kVA per module. Paralleling without a limit.

Dual output systems for combined critical and non-critical loads: NO BREAK KS®5-SB

Euro-Diesel has also developed a range of dual output systems: the No-Break KS®5-SB . With the same machine, it is possible to protect a critical load and after a short interruption to supply power to an additional non-critical load.

Mains conditioners: Synchrosta®JS

And if you do not need a diesel engine backup, we also have a special mains conditioner that is also an excellent solution for short outages: the Euro-Diesel Synchrosta®JS

No-Break KS®5 and No-Break KS®5-SB modules can be paralleled without limitation.

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