Multi-Point Metering Solutions

Muli-Point metering system are rapidly becoming the choice for large facilities or multi-tenant sites where cost allocation or is used to optimize local energy usage.

The Eaton Power Xpert Multi-Point meter allows facility managers to track and accurately allocate energy usage among tenants or departments. Power Xpert Multi-Point meters monitor, quantify and help benchmark energy usage in office buildings, shopping malls, industrial sites, universities and campuses, apartment and condominium complexes.

  • Monitors power and energy for up to 60 current sensors; scalable from 6 to 60 circuits
  • Meets rigid ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053-22 accuracy specifications for revenue meters
  • Quick connect terminals for current sensors, Modbus communication, and bus voltages
  • 256 MB of standard memory for up to two years of 15-minute interval data
  • Extensive LEDs for verification of sensor connections, communication status, and equipment status
  • Automatically detects rating of each current sensor; current sensors are self-protecting in the event of an open circuit condition under load for added safety and reliability

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