Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

BEMAG Transformers offers a complete family of products including thier HMT line (Harmonic Mitigating Transformer). This device is a very effective tool in mitigating 3rd order harmonics and reducing transformer losses in non-linear electrical load environments.

The Harmonic Mitigating transformer is a three phase transformer with 0° or -30° displacement between the primary and the secondary with multi winding connections.

The Harmonic Mitigating transformer (0° or -30°) is used to reduce current harmonics on the primary side of a transformer and reduce the voltage distortion on the load. The Harmonic Mitigating transformer reduces the 3 rd harmonics and 9th , 15th , 21st on the primary side. Used together on the same power line the zig-zag 0° and the zig-zag -30° will reduce the 5th and 7th harmonic on the primary side.


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