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Encapsulated Transformers – Solutions for Hazardous Areas

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BEMAG‘s Encapsulated transformer line provides outstanding reliability and safety for voltage conversion in hazardous areas.

Standard ventilated transformers are cooled by air moving through it’s windings. When any of the following conditions are present: humidity, corrosive fumes or dust, the use of a resin encapsulated transformer is required.

BEMAG encapsulated transformers are built with a mixture of silica sand and resin that form a mass surrounding the core and coils. The cooling is done by transfer of heat through the enclosure only.

Encapsulated systems are ideal for:

  • Humid environment such as mines or marine applications.
  • Dusty environments such as textile, woodworking industries.
  • Corrosive environments such as pulp and paper, steel mills and petrochemical plants.
  • Hazardous environment (class 1 Div 2)
    • Oil & Gas
    • Sawmill and wood processing
    • Water and waste water

Contact the Powerco™ team for any questions on transformation in your hazardous areas.